WebCreativi at 141 tour by VareseNews

Last Friday, February 21th, at 141 tour of VareseNews, Barbara Gorlini of WebCreativi talked about the importance of networking.

A philosophy that we carry on every day, and that has allowed us to enlarge our team and take on more and more complex projects of digital marketing and communication.

With an eye open to the future, we discussed the opportunities offered by the new technologies to move from local to global, as far as concern the image of places, companies and professionals, breaking down geographical and physical barriers in many areas of activity.

An opportunity to share ideas and new projects with entrepreneurs and local governments that have confirmed their common commitment to enhancing the image of the land Varese and of our businesses around the world, taking advantage of at the new attraction of Expo 2015.

Meanwhile, the 141 Tour continues: next stop on February 28 at Maga, the Museum of Modern Arts in Gallarate.

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WebCreativi rewards the use of Facebook among the commercial activities of Malpensa District

On January 10th, during the award ceremony of “Best Christmas Windows” competition organized by Malpensa Northern Ticino Trade District, WebCreativi rewarded the most active user of Facebook in the district.

As WebCreativi, we were entrusted with the management of the event, and we immediately used all the tools available to give greater visibility to the participants.

The Facebook page of the event was a useful tool of promotion, enhancing communication among merchants and customers, spreading the images of the stores trough the web and stimulating curiosity and interest with respect to the event.

WebCreativi decided to reward the shop owner that was most committed to keeping the Facebook page alive, with spirit of initiative, proving that when we work together we can do more and better.

Our prize goes to Orietta De Carolis, owner at River Line Sesto Calende.

Orietta has won a € 100 discount coupon valid for one of our service of her choice, for the development of the image of her store.

Congratulations Orietta!


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An easy and stylish e-commerce

The new site of the leather and bags store Ambrosetti of Varese, launched a few days ago, is a project that promotes the image of the store, with a total redesign of the brand, and integrates new e-commerce features.

The portal was created in WordPress, with the implementation of the WooCommerce module for online sales management.

WooCommerce has a very simple and intuitive user interface, to insert product data sheets, manage prices and special promotions.

The payment system has been linked to Paypal, which allows usage of the most common credit cards, in addition to providing payment on delivery and bank transfer.

Less than a week after its launch, some of the products have already sold out!

A great result due to a good SEO work which has raised visibility of the website on search engines and thus the accessibility by potential new clients.

valigeria ambrosetti ecommerce