Facebook celebrates 10 years with its look back

Ready to get emotional?

Even this time Mark Zuckerberg hits the mark, and just today, for celebrating of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the most popular social network in the world, he gives us a video that tells our story on Facebook.

Images of the past, the most clicked post, a collage of images that bring to life the memories of the past few years.

A rewind of our shared life in the network, where nothing is forgotten, which carries the signature of Mark in person.

Thank you Mark for inventing a new way of communicating, and for showing that the genius of a few can make the future change.

Here is the link to access your personal video: https://www.facebook.com/lookback.



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Barbara Gorlini
Digital Project Manager - Communication & PR - WebCreativi
Laureata in linguistica computazionale, PNL Master e Counselor Relazionale Sistemico, affronta da molti anni i temi della comunicazione ad ampio spettro, acquisendo strumenti validi per la gestione delle relazioni dentro e fuori dal web.
Appassionata sostenitrice della comunicazione digitale, sviluppa strategie di branding, customer relationship e crisis management, allo scopo di affermare la l'immagine di aziende nel web e tutelarne la reputazione acquisendo popolarità nella rete. E' cofondatrice dell'agenzia WebCreativi.
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