Reputation online: what does the websphere say about you?

The web has its own rules.

One of these is that people express their opinion freely. Some of them come out showing their faces in personal blogs and social networks, others may use fake profiles and aliases.

In any case, what people say on the web, cannot be cancelled.

Each comment enters the dense network of threads of the websphere and this creates the public image, and reputation, both of who writes, and of those who are mentioned.

For this reason, if you are a business man, a professional, an artist or a politician, and and have a public image, it is essential to you to constantly maintain the pulse of the situation with respect to conversations which involve you.

The way in which you choose to interact with your supporters, on one hand, and opponents, on the other, makes the difference.

In these circumstances, your communication skills and the ability to sustain the confrontation will make the difference.

You can decided to be supported by professional communicators to monitor you reputation online and act as moderators in public conversation in the web. At WebCreativi, we can do this for you, putting at your disposal specific customer relationship and crisis management skills.


Why invest in your image and reputation online? 

To know at any time the perception people have of you and your business

To understand you opportunity of improvement

Because competition can be unfair and use the web to discredit you

Because unhappy customers, if handled with care and attention, can become your best supporters

Because your image, in the digital era, is the result of what people say about you

Barbara Gorlini on EmailBarbara Gorlini on LinkedinBarbara Gorlini on Twitter
Barbara Gorlini
Digital Project Manager - Communication & PR - WebCreativi
Laureata in linguistica computazionale, PNL Master e Counselor Relazionale Sistemico, affronta da molti anni i temi della comunicazione ad ampio spettro, acquisendo strumenti validi per la gestione delle relazioni dentro e fuori dal web.
Appassionata sostenitrice della comunicazione digitale, sviluppa strategie di branding, customer relationship e crisis management, allo scopo di affermare la l'immagine di aziende nel web e tutelarne la reputazione acquisendo popolarità nella rete. E' cofondatrice dell'agenzia WebCreativi.
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